Never Say Never

There was a moment in time when I convinced myself that I would never be able to have a blog.  I have a tendency to start projects that sound fantastically fun, but after a few days pass, the excitement dies down and I forget all about it.  If I were a more motivated person, I’d probably have a collection of knitted scarves in my closet and become an avid stamp collector.  Instead, most of my ideas go through their lifespans in my mind.  I’ve made lists, so I could perhaps go back to these ideas someday.  I have yet to do that and the list keeps growing.

Taking advantage of a sudden need to do some self-improvement, I actually took an idea that came into my mind and executed it.  The result is what you see here, an ordinary blog that the vast majority of the world will never know see.  There is nothing particularly interesting or insightful.  In my mind, this is literally a blog about nothing.  I guess in some ways, it is a glimpse inside my head although there isn’t anything here that I wouldn’t explain to you in person.

In some ways, this is a self-preservation thing.  There are a billion things that I would like to write down, so I won’t lose track of it in the future.  It’s impossible to write down everything that goes through my head and I wouldn’t want to anyway.  Still, I’ll write because at least I can make a dent, and besides, I’m having fun with this.

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