The Paris Adventures: Prep Work

After a very long hiatus, I’ve revived this blog, just in time for my adventures across the Atlantic. As the title indicates, I’m headed to the famous City of Light for autumn quarter (10 weeks plus ten extra days for traveling), taking UChicago classes to fulfill the Civilizations requirement of our core curriculum. My book list includes writings from all sorts of famous thinkers: Martin Luther, Niccolo Machiavelli, and Voltaire, among others. Best of all, I’ll be studying European history in the city where some pretty cool things happened.

Of course, before I even set foot on an airplane, I have to do some packing. In actuality, there isn’t much to do. Most of the stuff that I wanted to bring has already been stuffed into bags when I flew home from Chicago. My clothes still remain neatly rolled (not folded because that takes up more space). All I have to do is transfer my stuff into a sturdier suitcase.

Thus, instead of packing, I’ve been reading guide books. While full of helpful advice, they’re a little overwhelming. The pictures are always in color – glimpses of architecture, landscapes, monuments, and food bursting through the glossy pages. The list of “must-see” items is enormous; all the names blend together. There are entire paragraphs devoted to getting to and from the airports. The conclusion that I made from my readings: I’m just going to do a lot of walking and see where that takes me.

At the eleventh hour, here’s a list of things I should have spent some more time on:

  • Basic French. The only complete sentence I know is  “Je ne sais pas,” or “I don’t know,” possibly helpful but no guarantees.
  • Clean my room.
  • Print my flight information.
  • And of course, packing. (Which will get done, I promise!)

Whether I have productively used my time or not, I’m still excited to fly out to Europe tomorrow. It’ll be fun. I’ll think it’ll be a good time.

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