People Watching #2

I took a late lunch today, but Madison Square Park was still packed with people. Instead of reading, I sat at a park bench and simply ate.

I saw:

  • A New Yorker reading this week’s copy of The New Yorker
  • Girl eating sandwich and smudging sandwich crumbs onto the screen of her iPad mini
  • A guy who looked like someone who was in one of my English classes – he was chatting with a coworker next to me and I worried for a solid five minutes that I’d been terribly rude for not at least acknowledging his presence until I noticed he was balding a little and almost sighed with relief because he was merely a stranger.
  • Another French bulldog.
  • Sparrows beating each other up over potato chip scraps – they are vicious creatures.
  • Pigeons who bullied the sparrows to snap up said potato chip crumbs
  • A pigeon that looked like it had been recently interred and resurrected
  • Both sparrows and pigeons being super greedy and trying to break off huge chunks of cookie
  • Over the lawn, there were hazy clouds of small bugs flying in the air, visible only in certain angles and only in the sunlight. (Was I breathing those in?)
  • Three separate individuals eating chopped salads

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