Things That Happened to Me Today

Because it was one of the more terrifying moments of my life in recent memory, I’d like to start with the spider. It was an unusually mild day, and by the time I was waiting for the train, the clouds outside were a storm-like gray and the platform felt like a wind tunnel. I was determined to finish The Interestings before I arrived home (one of those I-had-fun-reading-it-but-some-plot-points-annoyed-me books) when I felt a tickle on my arm. I looked down and saw a gigantic furry mini-tarantula, cursed loudly, and flung it onto my book where it then dangled with malice and disappeared somewhere into the distance (hopefully). I understand that “gigantic furry mini-tarantula” is an oxymoron, but it was definitely one of those species of spiders that live in the wild and feast on small beetles.

Speaking of animals, I remain perplexed about the appeal of Shark Week. Sharks are pretty cool creatures, but I’ve finally finished the first season of Game of Thrones and have become extremely invested in all of the characters. So sharks be damned.

On the flip side of exciting, my accomplishment at work today was hunting down author names and emails for at least 80 blogs. I think it’s the most tedious thing I’ve done so far, but along the way, I’ve learned a few things:

  • There are some terribly designed websites out in the universe. (That being said, I realize that this theme on WordPress makes bulleted lists look like true word vomit.)
  • Oh the places you discover contact information.
  • On a similar note, Google is miraculous.
  • Looking through all the WordPress sites made me seriously reconsider the theme I chose for my upcoming food blog.

Falling in between the spectrum of tedious and exciting, I made a rhubarb and raspberry crumble two days ago with plans to use leftover rhubarb for a second rendition of the dessert. Rhubarb lives in no grocery stores besides Fairway (and probably Hyde Park Produce because what isn’t at Hyde Park Produce?).  It smells kind of funny when you boil it on the stove, but it does make a pretty crumble, which is best eaten fresh.

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