People Watching #3

Today, I witnessed an incredibly fascinating conversation between two dog owners. One lady, dressed in a coral-themed shirt and fuchsia shorts, let her black labrador mix bark plaintively at squirrels. The other woman wore capri plants and walked a scruffy terrier-like pooch.

I learned:

  • It’s easy to make friends if you’re a dog owner.
  • Positive reinforcement training totally does not work. At all.
  • There’s a great dog trainer somewhere in Bergen County. They exchanged phone numbers with a 201 area code.
  • Dogs that eat too many treats develop IBS, colitis, and all kinds of terrible gastrointestinal illnesses. I wonder if that applies to people.
  • Both dogs came from shelters. One might have been rescued from euthanasia. As the coral-shirt lady said, “I love hearing stories like that.”

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