People Watching #4

Things that I have overhead at Ex Libris instead of diligently working on my Turkish homework/BA/readings/paper:

  • A TA with a British accent at office hours with a first-year: “You need to improve your writing.” Stern words are exchanged. First-year sounds forlorn.
  • TA (or maybe professor) for a different class returning papers to his students. One student shakes his hand – “Thanks for a great class!”.
  • Woman with glasses glances at student hovering over her table: “Oh, we better go. There are table vultures.” (So that’s what you call them?)
  • Student to friend at 11:52 am: “What are you doing here?! You’re supposed to be there at noon!” The specific location of “there” was not determined.
  • Man eating steaming tupperware of rice with some kind of beef and sauce. (Where did he find a microwave? A truly important question.)
  • Someone who looks like an older version of Shoshanna from Girls. 
  • Two girls, both with blonde hair, in matching ballerina buns, plan a chili auction.

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